High Performance Sports Training

Strength & conditioning 

We specialise in sport specific strength & conditioning training. Our focus is put into many areas such as injury prevention, rehab, postural correction, strength, power, core stability, neural co-ordination & proprioception, mobility, speed & agility all periodized for your current fitness/ competition level, what your goals are & chosen sport.


Online Mountain bike Training & Coaching

If you are are a keen Mountain biker out of the Queenstown region we offer specialised worldwide training by correspondence. We use the online software ‘Training Peaks’ to develop a personalized training regime for you. The aspects of training we cover are:

  • Heart rate zones

  • Endurance training

  • Interval training

  • Stretching

  • Core & stability

  • Recovery sessions

  • Gym, home or travel strength work.

  • Pre & Re-hab exercises

If there’s anything else we have missed out get in touch and we can discuss some options tailored for you. Put your focus into riding your bike and let us do the strength & fitness planning.


Mental Skills Training

Jay targets many areas within mental skills that are relevant to sport. He does this through both individualized and group training sessions. These sessions include: 

  • Dealing with pressure in sports

  • Pre & post game nerves

  • Goal setting

  • Motivation

  • Using your full mental capacity to your advantage

  • Controlling your mindset

Feel like you have that missing edge? Some Mental skills training might give you that winning edge.


Sports Nutrition

Running out of ideas for healthy meals, lack energy come an event, not getting the recovery you were hoping for? These are some of the individualized plans we can go into depth on just for you: 

  • Race day/ event nutrition

  • Recovery Nutrition

  • Pre season & In season Nutrition

  • Nutrition while travelling

  • Muscle gain & fat loss

  • Nutrition for a healthy wellbeing

Sound like you could benefit from one or many of these? Don’t leave it any later, get in touch for your consult with Kelsie and fast track those goals.



We are here to get you reaching your goals while having fun, teach you correct movement patterns, work on any imbalances, provide you with new exciting exercises & get your body physically ready for competition. Whether you’re In Queenstown permanently, seasonally or just for a holiday we can make it work. 

Also on offer we have group trainings if you are out of the area & need us to come to you.


Mountain Bike Coaching

If you want to take your riding skills to the next level then get in touch! We have coaching available with professional down hill mountain bike athletes - Eddie Masters, George Brannigan & Bernard Kerr. 

Get Coached by the pro’s to become a pro!


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